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SHARP Agency on branding British wool startup FLOC: We liked it so much, we bought (some of) the company

The SHARP Agency has just helped launch FLOC, a brand that uses 100% British wool for beanies and scarves. In the immortal words of Victor Kiam, they liked it so much they bought the company. Or became a shareholder at least.

SHARP created the name FLOC, developed the branding, designed and built the ecommerce website, shot all the images with photographer Maya Sharp, and is now working on a full campaign plan to build the brand and increase sales. Rather than the more traditional approach of invoicing FLOC, however, SHARP took a share in the fledgling company.

SHARP Agency creative director Richard Sharp explained: “We had spoken with the founder, Andrew Taylor, when the idea was embryonic. Due to my family background in textiles – my dad was a carpet manufacturer, and I spent my student summer holidays working in textile mills – the idea of involvement with a business that was essentially looking to put British Wool back on the map was something close to my heart and my partners Darlene and Mandi, as it also fitted perfectly with the ethos of our agency, which is to Find and Free the Good.

“So we created all the brand’s naming, branding, web design and build, and marketing campaigns in return for a share of an amazing product and something we all believed in.”

FLOC founder Taylor added: “Establishing FLOC was, at its heart, born of a passion to support British farmers and showcase the real-world benefits of wearing wool garments and accessories, that are grown, designed and manufactured in the UK. We want people to come back to wool and realise that it’s a ‘super fibre’ that has amazing qualities and is sustainable and traceable all the way back to the farm.”

Sharp continued: “British wool is often overlooked in favour of man-made fibres or wool from overseas. With FLOC, you can now wear soft, beautiful British wool, support British sheep farmers, and wear a product with zero air miles. Developing this brand has been a labour of love, and we are committed to making it a huge success.”

Perhaps uniquely, every FLOC beanie or scarf comes with a unique QR code tag which buyers can scan to find exactly which local flock it came from, guaranteeing that the garment is always made from premium quality wool with a low carbon footprint.

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