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Reaction to Jeremy Kyle Show cancellation: Collins calls for ‘proper review’

Kyle Brogan, Fusion Unlimited, Joint Managing Director

Damian Collins, Chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, has called for a “proper review of what went wrong” after ITV cancelled the Jeremy Kyle Show following the death of a guest.

Steven Dymond was found dead on May 9th, a week after filming a show during in which he had taken a lie detector test. This led to ITV axing the show today.

Collins also called for a review of the duty of care for participants of reality TV shows “in general”. He said his committee was due to discuss “what should be done to review the duty of care support for people appearing in reality TV shows” in a private meeting.

Greg Dyke, the former Director General of the BBC, said: “It was always a pretty unsavoury programme and it’s amazing it lasted 15 years.”

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However, TV critic Emma Bullimore said she did not think this would be the end of Kyle’s television career – or of this genre of television. ITV has said it will still work with the host, who also fronts The Kyle Files.

“I don’t think this is the end of this kind of television,” she said. “The voices we’re hearing are the people who have always disliked the Jeremy Kyle show, always found it exploitative, and are saying, ‘We told you something like this was going to happen.’

“There’s no getting away from the fact that whether you like it or you find it reprehensible, there is a loyal audience for this show.”

Journalist and writer Owen Jones welcomed the decision to axe Kyle’s show.

“Jeremy Kyle consisted of putting vulnerable people from disadvantaged backgrounds in stocks to have eggs thrown at them; it fuelled an agenda of demonising poorer people which helped legitimise cuts to the welfare state,” he tweeted. “Good riddance.”

Yet Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan defended the controversial host.

“As everyone piles on Jeremy Kyle, I’d like to say he’s a great guy, an excellent broadcaster, and hugely popular with the vast majority of people who watched & appeared (voluntarily) on his top-rated show,” he tweeted. “So much snobbery & hypocrisy being spewed by his critics.”

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