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Prolific North announces roundtable on making the move beyond digital marketing


In association with Boutique, Prolific North is hosting a roundtable discussion on hitting and breaking through the ‘digital glass ceiling’.

The discussion will welcome panelists from a range of leading brands which have already made the decision to go beyond social and digital channels, and moved to new multi-channel strategy including broadcast, VOD and OOH and more.

How to breakthrough digital marketing’s glass ceiling‘ will be hosted at the agency’s HQ on Marshall Street on the morning of September 9th, and will also feature panellists whose businesses have not yet moved to multi-channel in order to look at the challenges and opportunities of doing so.

Guests will be sharing their routes into an expanded marketing mix, their investment reasoning, how they plan, and how they measure success.

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Simon Bollon, Founder and MD of Boutique, said: “The last 12 to 18 months has created a boom for many ecommerce businesses, and some have hit the glass ceiling of what they can achieve in the digital space. Ever increasing competition and challenges of attribution have also led to many clients wanting to look beyond digital to grow both ROI and long-term brand value.

“When and how to step beyond digital in new marketing investment spaces is a common challenge so it will be great to hear from those who have done it successfully, and to understand what holds some brands back from taking the next step.”

Designed for brand leaders, the conversation will be of particular interest to brands which have mastered their digital offering and are looking at new avenues for marketing and promotion. It promises to provide unique insights into what comes next for them.

The roundtable has limited spaces for panellists – if you are a senior brand figure interested in taking part in the roundtable, please contact us.

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