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Plinkfizz develops HR platform

Plinkfizz has launched a new HR platform, intended to simplify career progression.

The platform, which was built in collaboration with software firm, Huler, was originally produced for Midland Heart housing association. The aim was to build a bespoke piece of HR software to support staff growth. 

Featuring a London-underground style roadmap, it shows career progression opportunities and how jobs relate. Midland Heart can add customisable drag-and-drop functionality to each job – meaning they can customise and link each one, with the need of an external developer.

“We are excited about the dedicated careers portal to give our people control over their career. By taking on board feedback from our employees, we hope they can see how valued they are and thrive now they have a clear road map for their own development,” said Craig Knapper, Head of Talent at Midland Heart.

“It was important for us to have full control of the platform to let us customise career paths and job descriptions. Thankfully, the finished product has given us just that.”

The Stoke agency has now developed the platform further so that it can be available to developers and software companies as a white label service, or via Plinkfizz direct. 

“Plinkfizz based the platform on the belief that a project output should not have any gate keepers, it should empower,” explained Paul Hawkins, Business Innovation Director at Plinkfizz.

“The flexibility and structure of our software makes it adaptable. Businesses are able to build their own progression road map, making it unique to them and giving them a transparent platform to showcase opportunities to staff.

“Midland Heart was a great inaugural customer as the property industry is regulated heavily by strict policies focusing on career development. These policies state that there must be extra ways to progress, with full transparency, this platform helps to adhere to the policies.

“Collaborating with Huler, we did some in-depth market research, finding software that we could adapt and manipulate to create a bespoke careers platform, which we believe has not been seen before in this industry. It was an exciting project to work on and we are incredibly proud of the results.”

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