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McCann Manchester launches ‘new proposition’ McCann Experience

McCann Manchester has launched McCann Experience, a brand new proposition and suite of products designed to “optimise the total brand experience” and “accelerate marketing effectiveness.”

McCann Experience is led by executive director, Tim Ainsworth, who joined the agency in 2022. He said: “Our mission with McCann Experience is to help the challenger brands of today to become the brand icons of tomorrow and that commands a fresh approach to take us to 2030 and beyond.”

“As the digital landscape matured, the playing field levelled off and we now find ourselves chasing after marginal gains. That’s a big problem for challenger brands that thrive through distinctiveness and whose investments are already being squeezed by market forces.”

According to WARC research, brands with a strongly integrated brand experience command 79% higher purchase intent and an average of 45 more Net Promoter Score points than those with a lesser experience.

McCann Experience is comprised of three key platforms. Brand Vibrancy Score (BVS) is a live platform that enables the team to audit the quality of the existing total brand experience and predict accelerators of performance. Audience Vibrancy Score (AVS) is a real-time audience intelligence platform that uses live data to match people and disposable income to brands and its products. Finally, these are powered by Constellation Planning, an approach that defines how a brand’s experiences should spark, influence and interact with each other to accelerate growth.

McCann launched the Experience at UA92’s Business School in Manchester’s city centre, where it has a three-year partnership with the disruptor university set up by the Class of 92 and Lancaster University. As part of the partnership, McCann has supported the co-creation and co-delivery of a new Digital Marketing degree, launching in September and due to be championed by McCann and its Experience team.

Ainsworth added: “At a time when the digital skills shortage is widely reported, we are thrilled to be able to share our practical knowledge with the next generation of marketing superstars.”

McCann Manchester has also recently opened a new office at Annex, Quay St, Manchester and appointed McCann Central CEO Dean Lovett to its leadership team in the city.

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