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Manchester tech to “reopen Las Vegas”


Tech developed in Manchester is being used to help pre-open the hospitality industry in Las Vegas.

Reviv Global has partnered with V-Health Passport, from VST Enterprises to create the Helix Health Pass.

The technology will be offered to hotels, bars and restaurants, so people can scan their “health pass” before entering a venue to show they have tested negative for Covid-19.

“It has been great to have Reviv Global as a partner over the last 12 months working on our ‘fit-to-fly’ campaigns and now, moving into other global markets. The V-Health Passport™ was built to be multipurpose and it will thrive in a city such as Las Vegas,” said Louis-James Davis, CEO and Founder of V-Health Passport.

Users will be asked to download the VPassport app, before heading off to their restaurant, bar or conference. They will be required to obtain and take a rapid antigen test for COVID-19. Their results will then be uploaded onto their HELIIX Health Pass, which will contain their secure VCode, this can then be scanned on entry by members of staff when they arrive at their chosen venue. Proving they are negative they will be able to enter the premises.

“The hospitality industry across the world need Reviv’s HELIIX Health Pass to give their clientele and employees the peace of mind that everyone they’re mixing with has tested negative for COVID-19,” added Reviv’s Hap Klopp.


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