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Manchester agency creates ecommerce site for Green Day’s Punk Bunny Coffee

Modern English Digital, a Manchester digital agency specialising in creative and technical solutions, has announced the successful launch of the new ecommerce website for Punk Bunny Coffee, a collaboration between the iconic punk rock band Green Day and Ohio-based coffee roaster Caruso Brands.

Combining their expertise in user experience design, e-commerce development, and brand storytelling, Modern English crafted a unique online experience that captures the essence of Punk Bunny Coffee’s rebellious spirit and high-quality products.

“It’s been brilliant to work with Punk Bunny Coffee on this project,” said Andy Hirst, president of Modern English Digital. “We pride ourselves on having such a talented, diverse team in-house who can handle everything from design right through to build and launch. We’re a big fan of the Punk Bunny mascot and it’s been a great challenge to bring it to life through the site!”

Modern English has been integral to Punk Bunny Coffee’s ecommerce journey from the beginning. The agency’s collaboration with the brand started with designing the initial branding page, including the newsletter sign-up, to build anticipation and engage fans before the launch.

As the project progressed, Modern English developed a beta site that allowed early adopters to purchase their first two bags of Punk Bunny Coffee, providing valuable user feedback and insights to refine the e-commerce experience further.

Building on this foundation, Modern English rolled out the full design of the ecommerce site, seamlessly integrating the brand’s punk rock ethos with a user-friendly shopping experience.

Key highlights of the Punk Bunny Coffee website include:

  • A custom introduction sequence that immerses users in the product experience from the moment they land on the site.
  • Visually striking design elements, including custom illustrations by Modern English Digital’s in-house team, that reflect the brand’s punk aesthetics and incorporate the iconic Punk Bunny mascot.
  • A bespoke product display model that allows users to easily switch between different product variants and purchase options, streamlining the shopping experience.

The website’s successful launch has garnered praise from Punk Bunny Coffee, with the brand giving a shoutout to Modern English Digital on their official Instagram stories, stating, “Huge shoutout to Modern English Digital for absolutely crushing our website.”

In addition to the Punk Bunny Coffee website, Modern English Digital also designed and developed the new brand website for Caruso Brands, the Ohio-based artisanal coffee co-owned by Green Day.

For those looking to take their shopping experience fully immersive, Green Day play Emirates Old Trafford this Friday, June 21.

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