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World-first The Sphere integration by North West companies for U2

Hyperlaunch and Modern English are behind a world-first app, for one of the most talked about entertainment installations of the year.

The app was created ahead of U2’s show at the The Sphere in Las Vegas – the $2.3bn, spherical venue, with a 111m high LED screen.

U2 Space Baby app allows users to “tune in” to a talking space baby in a space helmet displayed on The Sphere’s external screen – the “exosphere” whenever the band is performing.

It provides user with the audio speech of the space baby, perfectly synchronised with the baby’s visual movements and is the first-ever integration with The Sphere.

The app was developed by Macclesfield-based technical agency, Hyperlaunch, which was engaged by Manchester’s Modern English.

Within the first hour, it had over 10,000 unique users.

“It was a pleasure collaborating with Hyperlaunch. Their skill and capability made this complex project a reality,” said Chris Drury, Head of Production at Modern English, who did the visual design for the app.

Chris Garrett, CEO of Hyperlaunch added:

“Being able to develop something for a venue so bleeding edge as The Sphere is a testament to our ability to tackle and solve intricate technical problems with innovation.”

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