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Mammoth takes on rebrand for York community-focused tech reseller boxxe

York’s boxxe, a provider of hardware, software, and managed IT services, has announced its new brand and vision, championing a people-first approach across every aspect of their business, in partnership with Mammoth.

In a world where technology can sometimes feel impersonal and disconnected, boxxe is on a mission to ‘make tech human.’ After conducting market research last year, boxxe uncovered concerning evidence of a lack of customer centricity in the market and low overall customer satisfaction.

It discovered that only 19.5 per cent of customers surveyed felt IT resellers were willing to work with them to resolve issues, whilst only 26.7 per cent of customers said they were happy with the efficiency of communication. As a result, only 38.6 per cent said they were satisfied with the customer service they received. Further down the sales funnel, they found few respondents became repeat customers – with less than 50 per cent planning on repurchasing from the same reseller.

boxxe CRO Jorden Jones said: “The problem is clear across the market – customer isn’t key. boxxe’s rebrand isn’t just a new logo and colour palette, our new brand values underpin how we’re going to solve this problem – By putting customers at the heart of everything we do, understanding the challenges customers face, nurturing meaningful relationships, and working together with customers and partners to deliver the right solutions. Our brand values reflect the culture at boxxe and what makes us different – what makes us human.”

In a crowded marketplace full of far-from-satisfied customers, boxxe believes it can better meet customer needs and lead the disruption of a seemingly complacent market by positioning itself as a wholly customer centric reseller.

So, although 64 per cent of existing customers said they would recommend boxxe – the highest score amongst the competitor set surveyed – it says there is still more to be done and is not resting on its laurels.

“Our rebrand reflects our commitment to care for our customers, our people and the planet,” said Phil Doye, CEO at boxxe. “At the heart of who we are is our conviction that we must make life better with tech. We’re galvanising our teams around our new vision and values, ensuring they live and breathe these across everything they do. This includes our commitment to protecting the environment and giving back to the wider communities of which we are a part.”

boxxe actively encourages its team to use five per cent of annual working hours for charity and pro bono work. That’s 11.5 community days per year. boxxe is also involved in supporting initiatives through partnerships with organisations like York Cares and The Charity IT Association (CITA).

With its community-orientated focus, boxxe are not only empowering employees to make a difference in ways that resonate with their passions and skills, but also those in the local community.

Huw Paisley, managing director at Mammoth, the creative agency behind the rebrand, added: “Working in collaboration with the super-engaged boxxe team, we’ve translated our vision, ‘making tech human,’ into a new brand campaign which showcases boxxe’s collective personality by injecting some humour, thus enabling the business to stand out from the sea of sameness. Through boxxe, tech is a simply a means to connect, empower and uplift people, allowing them to be the best version of themselves at work and beyond.”

boxxe’s rebrand comes with the unwavering commitment to make tech human and improve human lives through technology. It reflects their values of collaboration and community-driven progress, enabling businesses to stand out, and thrive, in a tech-powered world.

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