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Magnet Kitchens and McCann Manchester launch new TVC

Magnet has a new TVC

Kitchen designer Magnet has unveiled a new Autumn campaign ‘Beautiful. Purposeful’ in collaboration with McCann Manchester.

Magnet launched its Better. By Design platform at the end of 2021, articulating its aim to inspire better living through purposeful design. The new ‘Beautiful. Purposeful’ campaign continues the theme, highlighting that a Magnet kitchen is not just about being beautiful – what makes it special is the attention to detail and the purpose behind the design.

The campaign sees a 30-second TVC launch followed by digital and social, as well as full retail showcases across Magnet’s 196 stores.

Created by McCann Manchester, the TVC brings to life the thoughtful touches of a Magnet kitchen that are perfect for purpose, and features the award-winning Nordic Nature kitchen which takes its design inspiration from nature.

The advert shows the heart-warming relationship between a young girl and a barn owl, using the analogy of how the natural world has perfectly designed an owl – a beautiful creature which is perfectly adapted to its environment. Elegant, graceful and silent, even when in flight, an owl’s head is perfectly attuned for listening and its kind face, shaped like a heart, helps convey the connection we have with this stunning animal.

As we see the owl fly to meet the girl outside of her kitchen, their emotional connection represents the importance a kitchen holds for families and life, with the natural setting signifying the inspiration behind Magnet’s design. The ad’s bespoke, original score is by composer Lennert Busch.


Magnet’s Autumn 2022 ad

The creative and in-house teams reduced their carbon footprint by working remotely whilst only the production team filmed the scenes with the owl. Post-production, the award-winning Nordic Nature kitchen that featured in the ad was donated to Hide Out Youth Zone in Manchester – a charity set up to give young people the opportunity to discover their passion and purpose.

Anna Russell, marketing and digital experience director at Magnet, comments: “We’re really proud to unveil our new ‘Beautiful. Purposeful’ Autumn campaign, kicking off with our new TVC. Our intention with the advert was to celebrate Magnet’s passion for purposeful design, showcase the inspiration of nature with the Nordic Nature kitchen, and create an emotional connection with the viewer.”

Imogen Tazzyman, ECD at McCann Manchester, added: “We’re incredibly excited to release our new Magnet work into the wild. Our brand new platform, ‘Better. By Design’, comes to life across every channel, and brings together beautiful craft and some clever thinking. Just like a Magnet kitchen.”

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