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LinkedIn specialist opens new Manchester HQ

StraightIn, a Manchester LinkedIn marketing agency has expanded into a new office space.

Despite only being formed 4 years ago, this is the fifth time that the agency has had to move office, because of “rapid employee growth,” It currently has a headcount of 43.

“Last year, the StraightIn team grew quite a bit. When we first moved into the office way back in 2021, we had a very small, tight-knit team of around twenty people!” said Sian Ryan, Head of People at StraightIn and its sister companies.

“Sharing an office with our sister company, Inboxx, our current space was getting a bit tight with just under fifty people crammed into one office. Although we have many good memories in the old office, it was time to move into a bigger space. While it’s bittersweet, we’re excited about the next chapter in a larger office!”

It’s now based over 2 floors of Conavon Court, with 10,000sq ft of space.

“It was an exciting project, but there was a fair share of challenges along the way, particularly considering the constraints of working with a listed building– but we love a challenge,” added Abbey Coleman, Senior Marketing Executive.

“We really wanted to make it our own space that reflected our values as a company, and we dived into this challenge. We’re really pleased with how it turned out.”

The new office has a “designated ping pong area” and they’re in the process of setting up a gym.

There are also quiet areas for meetings and an open “Collaborate” area, inspired by a pub garden.

“While we will miss the old office & the memories created, we have ambitious plans for 2024 and beyond, and we are confident that this new office will pave the way for our next phase of growth,” said Zac Hancox, founder and CEO of StraightIn and Inboxx.

The company also has a based in Chicago.

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