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Leeds-based tech firms collaborate on smart customer experience technology


Yorkshire-headquartered Boostify has teamed up with Third Foundation, a machine learning and Artificial Intelligence startup, to further strengthen its customer experience optimisation platform.

Specialising in behavioural targeting and advanced content personalisation, Boostify’s solution helps brands to collect in-depth data insights and segment website visitors, allowing them to quickly deploy customised messaging and offers.

Integrating Third Foundation’s ‘Prime Radiant’ technology enables machine learning to help highlight trends in consumer behaviour that would otherwise be unidentifiable.

Commenting on the partnership, Boostify’s CEO and founder, Jonathan Thirkill, said: “Using advanced machine learning and AI technologies, Third Foundation will improve the quality of our platform’s targeting features, thus enabling us to make content more relevant to individual website visitors.

“This will empower brands to have a better understanding of their online users’ behaviours quickly. And, by really getting to the heart of what content makes them tick, organisations can yield more conversions in less time. We’ve been looking to expand Boostify’s offering with machine learning and AI – this solution ticks all the boxes.”

Third Foundation’s CEO, Michael Ward, added: “This is a truly exciting partnership which brings together two businesses at the forefront of their respective industries.

“By combining Third Foundation’s specialist data engineering and machine learning features with what is probably the most advanced CXO platform on the market, we are creating an exciting proposition that could revolutionise the industry.

“In this new dawn of relevance demanded by consumers, this partnership will allow digital marketing agencies and brands to deliver a more relevant online experience, for more of their customers, more often.”

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