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Join the Head of Manchester’s Metrolink at roundtable on the future of transport and mobility


The head of Manchester’s Metrolink service, Danny Vaughan, is among those who will be attending an industry roundtable on the future of transport and mobility, hosted by Netsells.

The invitation-only event, in association with Prolific North, is being held at Colony Jactin House in Manchester city centre at 9.30am on Thursday November 17th.

As well as Vaughan, who has held the high-profile role of Head of Metrolink at Transport for Greater Manchester since 2017 having previously been head of operations, the roundtable will feature key individuals from Northern Railway, the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and Miralis, the Lancaster-based logistics and transport optimisation company.

The discussion will look at the future of transport and mobility across the globe in a post-Covid, post-Brexit era, dissecting the ways that data collection, analysis and sharing will re-imagine the ways that we approach travel.

Brannan Coady, CEO of Netsells, said: “The pandemic has accelerated travel tech immeasurably, with new requirements and expectations from travellers, and new opportunities to delight and inform users. But keeping pace has become harder as city’s rapidly become smarter, roads become electrified, business travel policies change and adapt and the rail network comes under increasing government scrutiny. 

“We’re bringing people from across the sector together to discuss consumer trend changes, how sustainability becomes mainstream, and how tech plays a central part in facilitating travel in the new world. “

The wide-ranging session will look to touch on various aspects of the way transport and tech are combining:

  • How digitisation is helping manage day-to-day and global travel solutions
    • Transport has seen a huge surge in demand across the board, stretching resources to their limit. We will discuss how digitalisation can help to create solutions
  • Re-imagining the high street as a central hub
    • How last-mile delivery could be adopted in retail. Through the pandemic a very basic transport infrastructure for food has developed through platforms like Deliveroo. We’ll discuss how this trend will spread through the high street.
  • The future of global travel
    • How borders and access to countries now goes beyond a mere visa, with covid passports, tests and vaccinations now seemingly with us for the foreseeable future
  • Tech as a tool for sustainability
    • Carbon calculation has become an increasingly important element of modern tools, with the likes of Trainline now showing your emissions as users become more savvy on the impact of travel. E-scooter companies are also looking to implement charging plans with retailers to drive their customers to the high street.

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