The Future of Transport & Mobility - A Roundtable With Netsells

The Future of Transport & Mobility - A Roundtable With Netsells

Netsells, in association with Prolific North, is hosting an industry roundtable on the future of transport and mobility in a post-COVID, post-Brexit era.

Date: Wednesday November 17, 2021

Location: Colony Jactin House, Manchester

This event, which will be held in Manchester city centre, is by invitation only.

Join us for a discussion about the future of transport and mobility across the globe, dissecting the ways that data collection, analysis and sharing will re-imagine the ways that we approach travel.

This upcoming roundtable, taking place at 9.30am on Thursday November 17th, will bring together the technology professionals redefining the space, the decision-makers at the helm of some of the world’s most prominent travel businesses and industry fanatics with a keen interest in the development of the sector.

The wide-ranging session will look to touch on various aspects of the way transport and tech are combining:

  • How digitisation is helping manage day-to-day and global travel solutions
    • Transport has seen a huge surge in demand across the board, stretching resources to their limit. We will discuss how digitalisation can help to create solutions
  • Re-imagining the high street as a central hub
    • How last-mile delivery could be adopted in retail. Through the pandemic a very basic transport infrastructure for food has developed through platforms like Deliveroo. We'll discuss how this trend will spread through the high street.
  • The future of global travel
    • How borders and access to countries now goes beyond a mere visa, with covid passports, tests and vaccinations now seemingly with us for the foreseeable future
  • Tech as a tool for sustainability
    • Carbon calculation has become an increasingly important element of modern tools, with the likes of Trainline now showing your emissions as users become more savvy on the impact of travel. E-scooter companies are also looking to implement charging plans with retailers to drive their customers to the high street.

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