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ITN gender pay gap is double that of BBC

Cathy Newman

ITN has revealed it has a 19.6% gender pay gap, which is double that of the BBC’s.

The organisation, which runs the news operations for ITV and Channels 4 and 5, also revealed that its female employees receive 77.2% less in bonuses than their male counterparts. The news organisation’s gender report showed that men hold 17 of its 20 highest-paid posts.

This compares with a mean pay gap of 10.7% at the BBC and a nationwide gap of 17.4%.

Channel 4 presenter Cathy Newman described the gap in bonus pay as “staggering” and posted a tweet with the hashtag #ITNwomen, echoing the #BBCwomen tag, and also #glassceiling.

“[It] shows just how pervasive inequality is,” she tweeted. “I’m very fortunate to be fairly paid but I will continue speaking out for the many colleagues who aren’t.”

“Key reason for ITN pay gap is there are far fewer women than men in top roles — 17 out of 20 highest paid roles occupied by men.” 

There are six men and only one woman, Maggie Carver, on ITN’s board of directors. The Guardian has also revealed its gender pay gap, with women paid 11.3% less than men. This was broken down to a 7.4% gap in reporting and editing roles and 17.2% in non-editorial.

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