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Innovative approach to cancer care driven by digital innovation


Code Computerlove has been working with Europe’s largest cancer centre on a new solution to improve the efficiency of cancer trials.

The Manchester agency was approached by the NHS Foundation Trust to explore how digital technology could be applied to make the patient experience better.

Initially it was briefed to build an app for patients and internal teams, to help communication and increase data analysis, however, Code explained that after researching the process, a triggered SMS system was going to be more simple and effective.

Trialled over a 3-week period, the SMS system provided patients with regular text messages at each step of the treatment process. This means that they can go off-site during the drug production process, or can book into a well-being class or service offered within the centre to help to alleviate stress and anxiety. 

Many patients travel long distances for treatment and feel anxious about their experience.

The initial trial resulted in 94% of patients saying that they would definitely use the service again.

83% also agreed that they believed the SMS system saved nurse’s time

81% agreed that they appreciated being part of a trackable system.

The agency state that enquiries to staff on the days of the trials also decreased, as patients were served with all information via the SMS service. 

“This has been a particularly rewarding project for us to be involved in where our own processes and approach to service design has resulted in a highly effective solution for the client,” said Tony Foggett from Code Computerlove.

“The patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as has the resulting efficiencies within the clinics. By exploring the original brief using in-depth research coupled with our team’s technical know how we have created a highly effective solution that we hope will be rolled out within the Trust in the coming months.”

The system uses a Kanban style performance dashboard, with all patient and production data captured in a single view display. Data can be mined and analysed in greater detail within the CRM platform.

Clinical staff are able to see in real time where each patient is up to within the cycle and the automated notification process eliminates the need for staff to personally update patients on timings and locations, reducing pressure on staff and manual errors.

Code said that the system had enabled the Trust to operate a reliable paperless process and automate data processing. It also helped lab staff to better manage the stages of the manufacture process, reduce cycle times and make informed predictions based on trends.

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