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Hull no-code app developer lands extra £100k funding

Ash Lewis

No-code app developer February has raised a further £100k in angel funding, on top of its first, pre-seed VC funding round which raised £250k.

February, which builds mobile apps for businesses without using code, will use the additional funding to ensure a robust future, said CEO Ash Lewis: “As a no-code software developer that is already generating income from a growing client base, February received a lot of interest from VC backers, and we will use this additional funding from two separate angel investors for operational and customer growth and to recession-proof the business.”

He continued: “Although we have deliberately set a low growth threshold for February, we are already 15 apps ahead of where we are scheduled to be. Companies are finding our ability to go from concept to live app in four-to-six weeks a very appealing proposition.”

February has also been accepted onto the prestigious equIP start-up accelerator programme run by the CMS global law firm. A dedicated programme to support start-ups who are intellectual property rich, equIP provides a three-year, 50 per cent discount on CMS’s standard hourly rates – worth up to £250,000 in the UK – and provides the global benefits of being part of the CMS network of entrepreneurs, investors and events across multiple jurisdictions.

The association with global legal giant CMS also gives February vital reassurance as an early-stage business that its patents and trademarks on its software and products are fully protected, both in the UK and internationally as it expands.

In a shift from its low-cost, side hustle business approach at launch, February adds that the business is now dealing mainly, though not exclusively, with established companies.

As leading UK no-code app developer, February’s software can quickly generate native apps in multiple languages through a visual interface to create a modern, powerful app, without coding or customised design.

With simple solutions to seemingly complex problems, February’s app development can create a user-interface, user onboarding, user management, reporting management, user banning and deleting, and even app promotion. The software language and file type quickly transpile into other software languages, which is a key part of what makes February’s product so powerful. An entire app written in the language can be less than 150 lines of code, and the small amount of code that does feature can have important features like user authentication, payments, shopping, messaging and dating.

February is also creating its own apps, including Duos, an app that allows people to find a friend to play games with, and Audid, an audio app providing 15-minute book summaries.

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