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HECK eyes chart success with banger of a tune

Toby and friends at HECK HQ

Inspired by a young intern’s antics during lockdown, meat-free sausagemeister Heck is bidding for stardom with a sizzling sausage soundtrack and music video and a new digital ad campaign.

Locked down TikTokers may recall a series of videos featuring Toby, an agriculture graduate who had joined HECK’s “show team” as an intern in 2020. His adventures as part of the team that tours the country introducing foodies to the joys of HECK were cut short by covid, but he quickly turned to the social media platform to share videos of him dancing round HECK’s factory cheering the socially distanced staff up.

The videos garnered thousands of views, and inspired HECK’s award-winning 2022 ad, but if you missed out on this cultural touchstone, don’t panic – the HECK team have decided to do it all over again, but now with a catchy new theme tune and higher production values, in a video they hope will take them straight to top of the sausage pops.

Behold the sound of HECK

The clip once again features Toby, now a full-time member of the team, enjoying a well-deserved HECK hot dog alongside other members of the team including Mabel the dog. The music is written and produced by Neighbourhood Jukebox who have worked with stars including Rhianna and Lewis Capaldi,. The HECK team also called on choreographers Josh Wild and Josh Hawkins (Hawk Dance Theatre) to help them perfect their dance moves, and Briight media for filming.

The ‘sound of HECK’ campaign is airing on radio and social media, while the full soundtrack is on Spotify. Harrogate-based Alchemy Media is also supporting the new collection of HECK videos across a combination of YouTube, TikTok & Meta, targeting cooking enthusiasts.

HECK co-founder Jamie Keeble said: “We are always trying to do things differently and show everyone the real personality of the business and the people behind it, most of whom are our own family and friends. I’m no natural when it comes to dancing but it was great fun learning the routines and seeing the whole thing come together, and we hope we’ll continue to put a smile on people’s faces. Watch this space Strictly!”

HECK is based in Bedale and has been making bangers and burgers at HECK HQ since 2013.

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