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Everything you need to know about the Media Zone at Digital City Expo


We’ve had a look at the Marketing, Tech and eCommerce Zones, but now it’s time to see who’ll be spending Digital City Expo in the Media Zone. 

Digital City Expo will take place at Manchester Central Convention Complex in the heart of the city, and will run across Wednesday 11th and Tuesday 12th of March, celebrating all things digital, spanning tech, eCommerce, marketing, media, creative and more.

The Media Zone will bring together a range of business-savvy figures working across the creative sectors to build valuable connections, collaborate, and discuss new ways to incorporate innovative methods into their practices.

The Lead Sponsor for the Media Zone is MiQ, with the Media Zone Stage being sponsored by iProspect, and the Meeting Area sponsored by Channel 4

By registering for the expo, you will receive a free ticket to attend, granting you access to all four of the sector zones, as well as the Keynote Theatre where figures from a range of highly successful companies will talk about vital industry challenges. There’s also the option to purchase a Priority Pass via the registration system to guarantee access and queue jump to the Keynote Theatre in the event that sessions on the day are oversubscribed.

Some of the keynote speakers have already been announced but you can find a full roundup here.

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With the other three zones at Digital City Expo focusing on eCommerce, Marketing and Tech, the Media Zone will bring together business minds from a range of creative sectors to tackle the current challenges faced by many.

Day One

MiQ’s Anthony Hess and Rob Linton will begin talks on the Media Zone Stage (10.10am) talking about how companies can continue to innovate in a privacy-first world, before iProspect hold a panel session with guests from Dentsu Data Labs and Whitespace (10.50am).

Dan McNicholas (11.30am) will look into workplace productivity, and talk about how we can be better, faster and smarter, and then after midday, the University of Salford’s Professor Samia Nefti-Meziani shares how the next generation of robots will affect your life (1.20pm).

Nick Entwistle, from Bank of Creativity & One Minute Briefs, will be sharing his experiences as a founder and a Creative Director by talking about the power of community (2pm).


Day Two

Cari Kirby from Peek & Poke begins the talks at the Media Zone Stage on the second day of the expo, talking about how companies can engage audiences through gamification (10.10am). iProspect’s Mike Liall and Vic McKevitt-Smith will then hold a two-part talk (10.50am) focusing on digital transformation now, and then the next 10 years.

Before midday, Smoking Gun’s Rick Guttridge will talk about how to build a successful brand in an age of deceit (11.30am).

University of Salford’s Professor Andy Miah and Maker Space’s Maria Stukoff (1.20pm) will then sharing their insight into the expanding world of esports. 

Jukin Media’s Joe Nilsson will be sharing some expert tips on user-created video (2pm) including advice on how to create, measure and iterate at the speed of the internet. 

Lancaster University’s Jon Lomas (2.40pm) will end the Media Zone Stage talks by telling attendees how cyber innovation can help companies to enable growth, develop new products and services and differentiate themselves In the marketplace.

Click here to register to attend Digital City Expo, where you can engage with a wide range of companies and hear top-level insights from certified experts.

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