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Edinburgh mural unveiled to Riot Games’ first Scottish Valorant character

Riot Games has unveiled a mural in Edinburgh to celebrate the launch of Valorant character Clove, the game’s 25th agent and its first to come from Scotland.

The street mural has been placed alongside other Scottish contemporary and street art pieces at outdoor exhibition space, Quality Yard, located in the heart of Leith’s Old Town.

Edinburgh locals can win exclusive goodies for visiting the mural in person.

Esports teams, incuding the Edinburgh Eclipse Valorant Team, and Valorant fans gathered for the mural’s reveal and members of the public are invited to visit the installation themselves for a limited time, between April 3 and 30, 2024.

The news comes one week after Riot Games revealed Valorant’s first non-binary agent, Scottish character Clove.

Clove is the sixth controller to be added to Valorant’s roster, but unlike other controllers, Clove’s unique abilities allow for a more aggressive playstyle. As well as manipulating the battlefield and hindering enemy sightlines, Clove’s ultimate ability allows them to self-revive, meaning that death is just an opportunity for them.

The mural, completed by local street artist, Elph, captures Clove’s ability to revive after death and is accompanied by cinematic animated projections, to give the piece an ethereal presence at night.

Isla Campbell, the voice over artist behind Clove, said: “Voicing Clove and working with Riot has just been the best experience. Getting to be unapologetically and authentically Scottish, not a stereotype, not overplayed, is so important and such a privilege that people like my friends who play Valorant will hear Clove’s voice and go, ‘hold on that’s actually how I speak.’

“Scottish accents are a common stereotype in the media so getting to speak in my voice while putting my own little stamp on it makes the character so much more authentic, which is just great.

“I know that it’s going to make a lot of people feel seen, and that’s just an amazing feeling. I hope everyone enjoys meeting Valorant’s new little Scottish troublemaker!”

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