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DentsuMB launches Heinz Beanz interactive campaign to address child hunger

DentsuMB, Heinz Beanz and Magic Breakfast campaign

DentsuMB has created a campaign for Heinz Beanz and child nutrition charity Magic Breakfast to demonstrate how hunger can affect school children.

The interactive out of home campaign showcases the issues school children face when they go to school hungry, in a bid to raise funds for the children’s charity.

The campaign, which will be shown across nine interactive digital screens in six cities including Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle, was developed and planned by media company Ocean Labs with creative execution by DentsuMB.

Using Ocean’s LookOut technology, as people approach the screens and try to read the sentences the campaign will demonstrate how difficult it is for children to focus when hungry.

It is part of a five-year partnership between Heinz and Magic Breakfast, with both DentsuMB’s Manchester and London teams working with Heinz Beanz. 

Lucy Cooke, brand manager at Heinz Beanz, said: “It’s more important now than ever before that we continue our fight against child hunger with our brilliant partners Magic Breakfast. As families up and down the country face increasing financial pressure, we hope that our immersive campaign will raise further awareness of the issue of child hunger and encourage widespread donations to a vital cause.”

Heinz Beanz and Magic Breakfast campaign.

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