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Dead Pixel goes Off Grid for branded YouTube series


Dead Pixel Films has co-produced a new branded YouTube racing series.

Working with UK racing driver and YouTuber, Archie Hamilton, the programmes took him to a number of European countries and immersed him in the local racing culture.

Off Grid is the brainchild of 20Ten and will appear on the Velo Global YouTube channel

Each episode looks at a different style of racing – Folk Racing, Hill Climbing and Drifting.

“After the last two years, it was refreshing to get a brief that involved shooting overseas. It’s no easy feat and takes a lot of planning and logistics to get the crew and kit to where they need to be,” said Cal Thomson, Director of Photography at Dead Pixel.

“There’s a lot of technical aspects to consider when filming professional drivers using high-speed cars drifting around corners or climbing a volcano, but we loved the challenge of meticulously planning creative ways to capture enough engaging footage to create the long-form episodes”.


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