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Consumer attention in June is set on the big screen as cinemas reopen

YouGov GHD Vue Odeon

A selection of cinema chains and a hair care brand have won the attention of consumers this month, according to the latest figures from June’s edition of YouGov’s monthly BrandIndex Biggest Brand Movers list. 

As part of an ongoing series, the list revealed by YouGov this month details the brands which have piqued the interest and made an impact in the minds of UK consumers.

As Covid restrictions are starting to gradually ease, cinemas take their place in the spotlight on the brand list this month as filmgoers make their way back to the big screen, with cinemas reopening on May 17.

The top spots were taken by GHD, Odeon Cinema, Vue Cinema and clothing retailer Boohoo.

YouGov’s Biggest Brand Movers: June 2021

2 Odeon 
3 Vue
4 Boohoo
5 Apex Legends
6 Cineworld
7 Hamptons
8 LG
9 FreeSat
10 Pandora

Data for the biggest brand movers in May compared statistically significant score increases across a range of metrics between April and May 2021. Brands are ranked based on a variety of metrics which include factors such as whether a consumer would consider a brand, ad awareness, and whether they had heard anything about the brand in the past two weeks. 

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YouGov GHD Vue Odeon
YouGov’s Top 10 Biggest Brand Movers in June 2021.

Haircare product manufacturer GHD secured the top position on the list as it celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

YouGov reports the brand made significant surges across ten of their metrics, in particular in the ‘Impression’ and ‘Value’ scores under the ‘Brand Health’ category, which suggests customers are more likely to have a positive impression of the brand, and are more likely to consider whether they represent value for money. 

They also made movements in the ‘Quality’, ‘Recommend’, ‘Ad Awareness’, and ‘Reputation’ metrics, which look at factors including whether consumers would be likely to recommend them, and if they had seen or heard an advertisement from the brand in the past two weeks.

In addition, the brand made gains in the ‘Purchase Funnel’ metrics category, which measures whether customers are more likely to consider purchasing from the brand, if they have purchased a product within a specific period of time, and if they would consider the brand the next time they are looking for a particular product.

Vue and Odeon, cinemas with chains across the UK, tied in joint second place on the list behind GHD.

YouGov reports the brands made gains  in nine out of the 13 metrics, most notably in the ‘Satisfaction’, ‘Ad Awareness’, ‘Word of Mouth’, ‘Exposure’ and ‘Buzz’ metrics, which consider whether a customer has heard anything about a brand in the past two weeks. 

Both cinema chains witnessed spikes in the ‘Purchase Funnel’ metrics of ‘Consideration’ and ‘Purchase Intent’.

Burnley-based fashion brand Boohoo took third place, with YouGov reporting that the brand received significant gains in seven of its metrics. 

It recovered in the ‘Buzz’ score, as YouGov points to the news of their bonus scheme to  make changes in their factory conditions.

The brand was also able to recover in its ‘Reputation’ score, and registered a significant increase in ‘Impression’, ‘Value’, ‘Satisfaction’, ‘Recommend’ and ‘Ad Awareness’ metrics.

Appliance company LG, video game franchise Apex Legends, and property dealer Hamptons take the joint fourth spot alongside Cineworld, with gains in six BrandIndex metrics each.

Cineworld did particularly well in the Ad Awareness and word of mouth exposure metrics.

YouGov notes on the back of the launch of a new product, LG registered surges in the ‘Buzz’, ‘Impression’, ‘Quality’, ‘Value’, ‘Recommend’ and ‘Purchase Intent’ metrics. 

Apex Legends witnessed growth in five metrics, and YouGov notes this is likely explained by the announcement of a mobile version of the game. 

Property agent Hamptons also gained in six metrics but made the most significant rise in the ‘Awareness’ scores.

Television platform Freesat and jewellery maker Pandora closed out the YouGov list in joint fifth place, both registering upticks in the Purchase Funnel metric.

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