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UK consumers reveal their top five brands in March 2021


The brands which have made the most positive impact in the minds of UK consumers have been revealed by YouGov.

The latest figures are part of a monthly update from YouGov on the top five ‘brand movers’, according to its daily brand tracker BrandIndex. 

Via daily consumer reaction and attitudes towards brands and their campaigns, the top five list shows the brands which have most improved in March 2021. 

UK Top 5 Biggest Movers: March 2021

  1. Star
  2. All4
  3. Quorn
  4. Center Parcs 
  5. Samsung Home Entertainment


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YouGov’s Top 5 Biggest Brand Movers in March 2021

Data for the Biggest Brand Movers in March compared statistically significant score increases across all BrandIndex metrics between January and February 2021. 

Brands were ranked based on the number of metrics that saw a statistically significant increase from month to month, including ad awareness, whether a consumer had talked about the brand, and if a consumer had heard any news about the brand in the last two weeks. 

“These are the brands that have gained the biggest improvement in our positive consumer perception, from ad awareness to impress, from buzz and recommendation, value, quality, and more,” explained Amelia Brophy, Head of Account Management at YouGov. 

“These are the brands that have absolutely proved to be relevant to consumers in the early part of this year, with each one of them seeing a jump in their word-of-mouth scores, meaning that significantly more people were talking about these brands this month compared to last” 

Streaming service Star took the top spot, seeing improvements across a range of metrics. 

“We’ve had lockdown, which has placed a greater emphasis on home entertainment and streaming services, with us seeing Disney+ service Star taking the top spot,” explained Brophy. 

In third place, meat-free brand Quorn saw improvements across brand health metrics, and saw more UK consumers considering the brand or becoming customers. 

Brophy said: “Quorn has capitalised on new year healthy eating resolutions in ‘veganuary’ to see improvements in satisfaction, recommendation and current customer metrics that have really kept them relevant.” 

Brophy said the interesting brand appearing on its latest list was Center Parcs, which is currently operating a restricted service in its UK family holiday destinations.  

She said: “With people beginning to think about Summer, but with so much uncertainty still, it’s really not surprising that local holiday spots are top of mind.

“Looking through the lens of brand improvement really demonstrates how brands are continuing to stay relevant in 2021.” 

To see how your brand is fairing this year, request a free brand health check from YouGov. 

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