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Co-operative Bank reaffirms ethical stance in £5.5m campaign


The Co-operative Bank is investing £5.5m in a major marketing campaign to promote its “absolute commitment to ethical policy.”

feature-switch-todayThe advertising is being launched ahead of an expanded ethical policy which will be published later this Autumn.

“This advertising campaign is the start of reinvesting in what makes our brand and our business distinct from competitors with thought-provoking images and creative treatments,” explained Steve Britain, commercial director of the Co-operative Bank.

“It goes back to our heritage of tackling hard-hitting issues that matter to our customers and where a bank can make a difference in the world. Our Ethical Policy sits centre stage in the campaign and reinforces our commitment to it and to the wider values and ethics that remain at our heart of why customers choose to bank with us. We want to say to both new and existing customers; if you want an ethical bank then we still remain the bank of choice for you.”

The Manchester-based bank used Arc London to devise the television advert, which debuted on Sky Sports 1 and ITV1 during Coronation Street. It’s directed by Tony Kaye and the music has been composed by Anne Dudley, who scored Les Miserables.

A wider campaign will appear in cinema, press, radio, outdoor and digital channels, using symbolism such as skulls and waste drums to underline its commitment to an ethical policy which it says has seen it turn away over £1bn of business.

The Co-operative Bank was founded on the principles of the co-operative movement and for more than 20 years has been the first and only bank to adopt a customer- led ethical policy,” contained Britain.

“We understand that the difficulties the Bank has faced in the last year are bound to test customers’ beliefs, but now the Bank is stronger we want to reassure them that we have not forgotten the values and ethics that set us apart and remain a key part of our success in the future. There are many things going on in the world today which reinforce why our stance on oppressive regimes, the environment, and other aspects of our Ethical Policy are just as relevant now as they were in 1992.”

In its branches, a new manifesto will appear prominently to underline why it is “not your usual bank.” There will also be a social media campaign, including a Facebook page.

The media agency for the television campaign was Rocket. The print creative agencies are Arc London, Delineo and Dinosaur, print management was done by APS Group. iProspect is the digital and social media agency.

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