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Co-op Bank launches ‘We won’t stop’ ethical ad campaign

Co-operative bank

The Co-operative Bank has launched a new print and social media campaign to announce its recognition as the UK’s best environmental, social and governance (ESG) rated high street bank.

The bank has been assigned the lowest risk rating for ESG issues by independent research and data firm Sustainalytics, which rates the sustainability of companies based on ESG performance.

The ‘We won’t stop’ campaign will feature print ads across various editions of The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, and The Observer.

The ads will include the announcement of a sixth Values and Ethics poll, set to launch by the bank on 2nd August, to encourage its customers to get involved in shaping its ethical policy. 

The bank said it has a customer-led ethical policy shaped by over 320,000 customer views which guides the bank in its marketing and advertising strategies, which has included the introduction of policies on combating climate change and deforestation. 

Deb Darlington, director of brand and marketing at The Co-operative Bank, said: “Now that we have been recognised as the UK high street bank with the best ESG  rating we knew it was time we once again put important social issues front and centre of our  advertising and marketing.  

“We know which issues are important to our customers and we want to continue to listen to  their voice, enabling them to shape how we operate now and in the future.”

In new research from the bank, it said UK consumers value a strong ESG rating.

Darlington added:  “Where people choose to bank can significantly influence their social impact and their personal carbon footprint. We would welcome a clearer system to help customers understand the  ethical implications of where they bank and will continue to look at that as we consider future campaigns that promote our Bank as the best ESG rated choice for UK consumers.” 

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