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Brandon unveils new brand identity for Horlicks


Cheshire design consultancy Brandon has unveiled a new strategy and brand identity for iconic British brand Horlicks.

Wilmslow’s Brandon has been tasked with helping broaden the Horlicks audience base by communicating the “benefits of the product in the busy modern world”.

“Horlicks is a well-loved brand with a fanatical consumer base and our challenge was to change the perception that it is a drink just for bedtime and there is a place in our lives throughout the day,” said Simon Ellis, Client Services Director of Brandon. 

“Our second key challenge was to broaden the target audience to both lapsed users and younger consumers, who may have previously thought Horlicks was a drink for an older generation.

“We wanted to communicate that Horlicks understands modern life can be chaotic and having lengthy ‘me time’ is generally an unachievable task. We developed the idea of a Horlicks moment that could be taken at any time of the day.”

The new brand identity reflects “a day-dream like moment in a mug” and “relaxing scenes are born out of the comforting vapour” on each pack. Three different scenes represent the three variants of Original, Instant and Chocolate. 

The brand mark has also been slightly modified with the typographic bar of the ‘H’ changed to an upward smile creating “a warmer, welcoming feel”.

Michelle Younger, Horlicks Marketing Manager, added: “Brandon has successfully found a way to communicate the wider relaxation benefits of Horlicks to appeal to a fresh audience, but also ensure our loyal consumer base has not been alienated.

“Initial research already shows the new identity appeals to Horlicks’ consumers and those who drink hot milky drinks.”

The brand identity is being rolled out across the core Horlicks’ range – Original, Light and Chocolate variants – with 14 SKU formats launched through the retail trade in September. 

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