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Born Ugly Committed to Better Chicken campaign takes flight

Creative change agency Born Ugly has partnered with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) to create a movement to improve the welfare of chickens reared for meat in the food industry.

Initially starting on social media, the Committed to Better Chicken initiative aims to ignite a global movement towards a more compassionate food system, by helping food companies engage consumers and take them with them on their journey to higher welfare for chickens.

Despite being the most-consumed land animal protein globally, chickens receive some of the lowest consideration when it comes to their welfare. With the help of Born Ugly, CIWF is seeking to change attitudes towards broiler chickens by bringing their welfare to the forefront through a positive movement supported and brought to life with a quirky and empathetic visual identity system.

Through its engaging visual identity and narrative, the initiative brings the quirky personality of chickens to the forefront, highlighting what chickens need to be healthier and happier so they can ‘be more chicken’. The identity aims to bring the five criteria of the Better Chicken Commitment to life for consumers to change perceptions and inspire meaningful change.

Sarah Dear, co-founder and CEO of Born Ugly, said: “We’re excited that the Committed to Better Chicken movement is kicking off today. As the creators of the vegan VFC food brand that campaigns for preserving the lives of chickens, we already knew that human attitudes towards chickens are more apathetic and that they are subjected to poor welfare. Working with CIWF we knew that we needed to do things differently, focusing our story on supporting a movement that would increase human empathy towards chickens for the long term. Ultimately, we want people to feel positively moved, not shocked into turning a blind eye.”

Dr Tracey Jones, CIWF director of global food business, added: “Born Ugly didn’t just create an engaging and compelling visual identity and narrative for our ‘Better Chicken’ campaign, they infused it with energy, passion, and total commitment. Despite its complexity, Born Ugly collaborated with us every step of the way, addressing our intricate brief with authenticity and creativity. We really enjoyed the process and are delighted with the outcome of our work together.”

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