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Airship Interactive is moving to Manchester


Game art studio Airship Interactive has announced it will move its headquarters to South Manchester, bringing with it over 100 new jobs by mid-2023, and over 200 within the next three years.

The Lytham-based studio, which provides art services for some of the world’s largest gaming companies including Disney, EA, Microsoft, 2K, and Sony, is set to take up residence in Bruntwood SciTech’s Glasshouse at Alderley Park, after committing to a 15,000 sq ft studio.

Airship CEO and founder Joe Harford said: “Manchester is one of the best cities in the world, it is the home of great industry and innovation, so making the leap to Glasshouse at Alderley Park made complete sense to us.

“Airship is unlike many other game art studios; we are driven by a culture of excellence not just in our game art but in our people. This move is not just about the business’s growth, but about providing our crew with the tools and environment they deserve to continue being the best at what they do. That’s why, year after year, the world’s biggest game creators want to collaborate with us.”

Airship will join a community of forward-thinking businesses at Glasshouse, many of which are working in areas such as AI, software development, digital animation and fintech, as they come together in a collaborative ecosystem.

The move comes after the company received £450,000 of investment to expand its service delivery, supercharge recruitment and grow its global footprint.

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