About Bruntwood SciTech

Bruntwood SciTech is the UK's leading property provider dedicated to the growth of the science and technology sector.  

Our locations in Manchester, Cheshire, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham provide the environments and ecosystems that science and technology companies need to form, scale and grow; including high quality office space, lab space and business support offering unrivalled access to finance, talent and new markets.

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Meet the Team: 

Tom Renn
Managing Director, Bruntwood SciTech - Manchester
Dr Kath Mackay,
Managing Director, Bruntwood SciTech - Alderley Park
Colin Forshaw
Director, Bruntwood - Liverpool
Deb Hetherington
Head of Innovation, Bruntwood SciTech - Leeds
Matt Cooling
Head of Innovation, Bruntwood SciTech - Manchester

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Dedicated to driving the growth of the science and technology sector.

Michael Brennan, Founder & CEO
Tootoot (Location: Circle Square, Tech Incubator)

We love being here. It's given us huge access to talent, investment opportunities and to a community that have the same problems and  opportunities that we do. 

Laurence Newman, CEO  
Currentbody [Location: Glasshouse, Alderley Park] 

To help us achieve this goal, it makes sense to surround ourselves with like-minded pioneers in the health, life sciences and technology sectors, and we don’t think there’s any better place to achieve this than at Glasshouse.

Amul Batra, Chief Partnerships Officer
Northcoders [Location: Platform, Leeds and Circle Square, Manchester]

It makes perfect sense for us to be in Platform, it’s a real hub for tech in Leeds. It’s where the tech community connects and where the community’s events happen. It’s also ideal location wise for us, our staff and our customers as we have offices both in Leeds and at Bruntwood SciTech’s Circle Square in Manchester, and we frequently move between both.