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After Wrexham goes global Sky goes on a Mission to Burnley


Sky has commissioned a 4-part series about Burnley FC’s rise under its new American owners

Mission to Burnley will air on Sky Documentaries and NOW this September.

Produced by Ad Hoc Films, the indie behind QPR: The Four-Year Plan and The United Way, the observational documentary will go behind the scenes as ALK Partners sought to take the Lancashire club back to the top flight.

The company is led by chairman Alan Pace, and inspired by ALK’s faith as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints.

“Burnley FC’s story over the last 12 months has been incredible,” said Zai Bennett Managing Director of Content, Sky UK.

“From one the biggest lows in club football, to one of the greatest highs, we’ve been privileged to follow the club throughout. With lead characters Alan Pace and Vincent Kompany, we can’t wait to bring our audiences this remarkable story from the inside.” 

Cameras get unprecedented access to the boardroom, dressing-room and inner workings of the club and see how it evolved under manager, Vincent Kompany.

“It’s been a truly unforgettable year, full of stratospheric highs, some daunting lows and everything in between,” added Burnley FC chairman, Alan Pace.

“I’m delighted Ad Hoc and Sky have been there to capture this incredible journey, in all its emotion, depth and passion.   

“At its heart it’s a story of family, faith, friendship, and of course football, set during an amazing time, in a great town, and of course led by a very special manager in Vincent Kompany.” 

This week it was confirmed that retired NFL star J.J. Watt and his wife, former US midfielder, Kealia Watt had spoken to Ryan Reynolds before taking a minority investment in Burnley.

Watt told ESPN:

“I knew that once I was done, I wanted to stay involved in sport and I was looking for the right opportunity. I waited because I knew once I got it, I want to go all-in, and Burnley the town, the club, the ownership group was the right fit, and we’re extremely excited.”

He added that he was influenced by the success that Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had had at Wrexham – which is documented in Disney+’s Welcome to Wrexham:

“When you look at the parade they’ve just had, the turnout, and the ability to take eyeballs from around the globe and put them on Wrexham. That’s what Kealia and I want to do, take eyeballs from all around the world and put them on Burnley because we think that town, that story — it’s been around since 1882,” he said.

“We want people to get to know about Burnley, and there are so many Americans that are getting into the Premier League right now and not knowing which club to support. We want them to support Burnley.”

Mission to Burnley will premiere as the new season kicks off in September.

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