About YouGov

YouGov is a global provider of data and analysis generated by consumer panels in 42 markets.

We are powered by our unique connected data set - The YouGov Cube - which encompasses hundreds of thousands of continuously updated variables and over a decade of data on our panel members to provide the most complete and dynamic portrait of the world. 

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Meet the Team: 

Marc Dimitrov
Senior Client Director
Jonathan Pitts
Senior Business Development Manager
Nazmeen Malik
Senior Business Development Manager
Laura Maguire
Client Manager
Krishan Patel
Senior Client Executive

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The best thing about using YouGov was the very tight turnaround time. YouGov research allowed us to have credibility in the information we produced. We secured 55 pieces of tier one national and major news items.


Working with YouGov is great; they make the process so simple for us. Because YouGov have such a massive panel, we were able to find parents that met our really specific criteria which we couldn’t have really found elsewhere.


YouGov BrandIndex is a really useful tool as part of the overall research picture. Not only are we able to compare our performance against our competitors but we can look back many years.