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We Are Indigo

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Mcr Wards

Shortlisted for best-loved agency - I love MCR

Mcr Wards

Shortlisted for worker bee - I love MCR

About We Are Indigo

We Are Indigo is a strategic global public relations and communications agency for market-leading brands in hospitality, entertainment and culture that need to harness meaningful relationships with media and audiences.

We are experts in generating impactful connections between brands and people, delivering powerful media and multi-platform coverage with a collaborative approach combining structure and creativity.

We know the power of PR and its impact on making brands successful.

We Are Indigo

Meet the Team

WAI Sep2023 JodyHartley 2
Gemma Krysko
Co- Founder
WAI Sep2023 JodyHartley 16
Matthew Krysko
Co - Founder
WAI Sep2023 JodyHartley 20
Joanne Greer
Managing Director
Mcr Fin
Ben Arnold
Manchester Finest
Anything coming from We Are Indigo will be something I'll sit up and take notice of. Professional, capable, completely reliable but still brilliant fun - a rare skill in publicity work!
Nessa Humayun - Digital Editor
HUNGER Magazine
For anyone wanting top quality, consistent and high-level PR coverage, support and guidance, We Are Indigo are your go-to. Every time we at HUNGER Magazine have worked with We Are Indigo, we have been impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of the staff, who go out of their way to ensure that requirements are met, and that it’s an easy and efficient process on both ends. Quite a mean feat!
Jack Rear - Lifestyle Writer
The Telegraph
Working with Kezia at We Are Indigo in the past few years has been excellent. She and her team consistently show a strong understanding of my readership and the type of content which would interest them, and make great suggestions about how we can work together. They are timely, professional, and conscientious at all times and always a delight to hear from.
Indigo Fullcolour

We know the power of PR and its impact on making brands successful.

Indigo Fullcolour

We know the power of PR and its impact on making brands successful

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Carver’s Warehouse, Carvers warehouse, 77 Dale Street, Manchester M1 2HG, UK


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