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About MOOT

MOOT was launched in 2019 by ecommerce brands owners that had outgrown their existing Shopify solution, restricting their ability to scale.

Through a lack of modern advanced alternatives on the market, the decision was made to build an advanced ecommerce platform that would enable the growth of fast growing brands on the next stage of their journey.

MOOT is already in a short space of time powering some of the UK and Europes fastest growing D2C brands, with all the tools they need to internationalise, run multiple stores, across multiple channels with ease.

Recent advancements in the platforms AI capabilities are now driving optimisations the industry has never seen before.


The most powerful enhancement solution for Shopify.

MOOT enhancement suite is a powerful cloud-native AI platform enhancing your existing solution.
Paton Dr, Tollgate Industrial Estate, Stafford, ST16 3EF


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