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PN Tech Awards Finalist 2022


The Stadium Business Innovation Award 2021


Sports Business Awards 2022 Finalist

About GroundWOW

The World’s first autonomous full colour stadium ground printer.

GroundWOW® provide the autonomous ground printers needed to bring your brand visions to life.

We unlock underutilised ground real estate and turn it into OOH advertising inventory – from sports sponsorship, corporate hospitality and events to conferences and exhibitions, the use cases are endless.

Deployable in under 10 minutes, autonomous technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and an end-to-end cloud platform combine to create images as accurate as a blade of grass.

We make printing on ground as easy as printing on paper™.



If you can come and visit us, please do. We'd love to see you. GroundWOW live demos are awesome. If you can't make it in person, contact us about a virtual demo.


GroundWOW , the World's 1st, autonomous, full-colour, ground printer and end-to-end cloud print management software.

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The GroundWOW range of autonomous ground printers gives you everything you need to make printing on ground as easy as printing on paper.

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