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Young Studio creates animations for Scouts’ digital activities tool


Manchester’s Young Studio has created a series of illustrations and animations as part of a new digital activities tool released by The Scouts.

The 500 free activities are accessible to all and form part of a new innovative digital planning tool designed to help Scout volunteers. The material can be used by parents, teachers and anyone else looking for fun activities to do with young people.

Young have created more than 50 animations and 210 illustrations for the project, with more to come for older age groups and Scouts partner activities.

Geth Vaughan, Director at Young Studio, said: ‘We’re honoured to have been given this opportunity to collaborate with Scouts’ on what has been one of Young’s biggest and most ambitious projects to date. 

“True to Young’s style, we wanted to keep everything as bold and graphic as possible. This gives the style flexibility to be as expressive as it need to be with full blown out character scenes and lavish backdrops – but distinctive enough so that we can pull everything back and showcase the characters in their minimalist form and still be recognisable for more instructional material.

“At the start of the project, we visited a few Cubs/Beavers groups to gather inspiration for our cast of characters, and on one occasion the leader had her Cocker Spaniel dashing around the hall.

“Seeing the young people interact with him gave us the idea of including a dog (Buddy) to complete our diverse cast of characters. This has given us a lot of scope to add some chaotic fun, and Buddy also comes in useful in some of the more imaginative and creative activities (whether it be dressed as wizard flying on a magic carpet, piloting an imaginative airplane journey or shaking his booty in a full-blown Mardi Gras costume).

“This has been the perfect collaboration for Young, bridging our love of simplicity, having fun with what we do and producing content with a purpose for a great cause.”

Kevin Yeates, Head of Creative at Scouts, added: “I’m not from a Scouts background, but what strikes me is how incredible the activities and guidance that they provide is. They’re a testament to the power of non-formal learning.

“For me, this was an opportunity to get amazing Scouts content out beyond our members, so that every young person can benefit from it.”

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