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WANdisco signs initial $400k data contract with General Motors

WANdisco has signed a deal with auto giant General Motors (GM) which will see the Sheffield data specialist help the automotive giant move “petabyte-scale data” to the cloud.

The news is a welcome boost for WANdisco, which has been rocked by financial scandal in recent months.

GM is the US’ largest automaker and owns brands including Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet. The deal, announced this morning, will be worth an initial $400,000 to WANdisco, which will move at least 3.3PB of data in the first phase, according to a statement to the LSE.

The company described the new arrangement as a “master license agreement” with GM which will see it “move petabyte-scale data to the Microsoft Azure Cloud using WANdisco Data Migrator for Azure.”

WANdisco added the agreement constitutes “a significant working relationship” with GM, and will “enable continuous data movement through the use of WANdisco software and services over a number of different use cases to be transacted through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.”

The statement continued: “The simplified structure of the deal on the Azure Marketplace strongly supports the power of WANdisco’s partnership go-to-market model with leading cloud service providers to seamlessly deliver high impact data integration solutions that accelerate business impact.”

The announcement could be another nail in the coffin of in-administration Manchester auto data specialist Wejo, which previously held a data contract with GM. The US auto giant was also a major shareholder in the collapsed Manchester business.

WANdisco’s share price rose 11 per cent in early trading on Wednesday following the news, to around £0.90. This may be of limited comfort to shareholders given that the company’s value has collapsed since trading in its shares was suspended earlier this year when the financial irregularities came to light.

WANdisco’s shares had been trading at over £13.00 prior to March’s suspension.

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