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VTR North produces ‘Fire Flight’ video for Phoenix Dance Theatre


Phoenix-Dance-TheatreVTR North, together with Ink films and Uber agency has just released their ‘Fire Flight’ video for The Phoenix Dance Theatre in Leeds.

The project took just over a year to complete and a spokesperson for the Dance company simply said they had been “blown away” by the video.

The film’s director was Greg Clark of Uber Agency, the producer was Steve Perry of Ink Films, the editor was Ben Daure and the VFX & Fire were crated by Daure and Chris Birks of VTR North.

Greg Clark’s idea was to shoot the dancers at 1000fps and then in post overlay lots of Cg fire onto them, so it looked as if the dancers had been set alight.

The video can be seen here.

The music was called Gamefire and recorded by Klaypex.

The programs used to produce the video included Maya, After Effects and Premiere.

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