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Vicky Pattison heads North East for Love Bombed podcast


Vicky Pattison will explore how a serial cheater managed to hide his true identity to live a double life for 2 years.

Love Bombed is a 9-part podcast for BBC England investigating “James Scott” and how he maintained a relationship with a woman he met online, while secretly still living with his wife and 3 children.

Pattison heads to the North East to meet Coleen Greenwood and how she and everyone around her was deceived by the man they knew as Scott.

She will get exclusive access to police files and speak to his now ex-wife about how he managed to keep her in the dark as well.

“I’ve been engaged three times and had more than enough dating disasters, but this puts anything I’ve been through into perspective,” explained Pattison.

“I’ve never seen anything this outlandish on the telly – it’s that crazy, but it did happen and that’s why I’m so fascinated”.

Scott would eventually take thousands of pounds from Greenwood’s sister, supposedly as investments in his various property businesses, and defraud multiple companies on Tyneside.

His victims claim they were  ‘love-bombed’ and this podcast explores what that really means. 

“This fraud went on for years and the main motivation does not seem to have been money,” explained producer  Jon Douglas.

“It’s only when you hear the lengths this man went to in order to create and maintain his illusion, that you can appreciate how so many perfectly intelligent people were taken in”.

Love-Bombed with Vicky Pattison: How a serial cheater managed to hide his true identity is a BBC England production for BBC Sounds. The full series will be available from Tuesday 14 February and it will be serialised on BBC Radio Newcastle and BBC Radio Tees.

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