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University of Manchester launches new course studying impact of digital on culture and society

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is launching a new course that examines the impact of digital developments on our culture and society.

BA Digital Media, Culture and Society explores how the digital revolution is reshaping our world, leaving many benefitting from the changes, while others are becoming increasingly marginalised.

For those looking to pursue a career in leadership or policy making across social media, communications, government or the entertainment industry, the course will explore how the pace of digital transformation can present both opportunities and challenges. It will cover a variety of topics such as the impact of the dating world evolving from newspaper ads to apps, how the rise of fake news across social platforms can be detrimental to political landscapes and the widespread effects of the digitalisation of currency.

The course also delves into the impact of AI and considers how digital policy changes could have profound consequences, aiming to empower students to emerge as leaders in an era where digital transformation could pose significant challenges.

The programme was developed in response to the growing need to understand how advancements in technology shape the way we live. It will be led by Dr Łukasz Szulc and Dr Sam Hind, who sit within the School of Arts Languages and Cultures in the University’s Faculty of Humanities, and will help to equip students with the skills needed to forge a career in an ever more digital world.

Manchester is known for having a thriving creative and digital sector with numerous digital agencies, media companies and tech startups choosing the city as their hub, and students will have the opportunity to benefit from its diverse landscape through an optional extended placement year within an industry of their choice.

Dr Szulc, senior lecturer in digital media and culture, said: “Bringing this new course to undergraduates is really exciting and will give students the opportunity to dive into debates and issues surrounding our increasingly digital landscape and what this means for our society. Not only will this course enable students to gain knowledge across a range of topics, but it will also ensure they are set for kickstarting their careers in a variety of sectors, from communications to government.”

Dr Hind, lecturer in digital media and culture, added: “The academic team here at the University of Manchester has worked together to make sure this course gives our students a well-rounded view of how the rise of technology can positively impact the way we live alongside the challenges it may cause, and the course is designed to equip students for tackling the digital debates of the future.

“Not only this, but for anyone looking for a role in leadership across communication, government, entertainment or social media, this course offers a great foundation into these worlds too, and we can’t wait to welcome our first cohort of students soon.”

Following programme approval, the undergraduate programme is scheduled to welcome its first cohort of students in September 2024.

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