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UniQuorns v Badgers as Quorn responds to “ripping off” Weebl


On one side there were badgers, who’ve happily been dancing on a loop since 2003. On the other were newcomers, some vegan UniQuorns from North Yorkshire-based Quorn.

And when the UniQuorns campaign went live on social media, many were quick to point out the similarities between that and Weebl’s original work.

In fact, even Quorn’s social media team admitted it, when Weebl, also known as Jonti Picking asked:

“Hi. Who do I contact about the blatant ripping off of my copyrighted work this time?”

It transpires this morning that everyone is slightly happier.

“Following some positive discussions Jonti has agreed to collaborate on a revised version of the UniQuorns film, produced under license, which Quorn acknowledge is what should have happened in the first place,” admitted a Quorn spokesperson.

While Picking wrote on Twitter:

“Looks like we’ve got a solution to the Quorn situation that everyone should be happy with. HUGE thank you for everyone’s support, especially Austen Kay for all your help.

“It’s means so much and I’m utterly humbled by the response.”

Kay is the founder of Manchester’s w00tMedia.

We will leave the final word to Picking:

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