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Twitter calculator shows how much time you waste on Tweets


Stand by for a scary figure, as a new app has been developed to see how long you are spending on Twitter.

Yep, those quick #ff’s add up and Manchester’s Coffeepot Digital has been doing some maths – and they did it all within 24 hours.

Like Jack Bauers of the digital world (fewer guns, more beards), the developers put together a “secret algorithm” so that Tweeters could find out how obsessed they were with writing in 140 characters or less.

“Often a good idea can be as much about timing as it is about content. The Twitter app hooks into the popularity of the Facebook alternative that swept the internet 24 hours earlier and allows people to make the ultimate comparison, allowing them to determine are they a Facebook fanatic or a fully paid up member of the twitterati,” explained managing director, David Taylor.

They worked on the theory that around 10-15 seconds was invested in each Tweet, the app then asks how addicted you are to Twitter and the results are broken down into days, weeks and months.

The results can be remained hidden, but let’s be honest you’ll probably just Tweet them. With a selfie.

Coffeepot Digital was established in January last year.

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