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TV veteran Dave Cooper to head up Be Broadcast’s new ‘AV Room’

Be Broadcast has launched ‘AV Room,’ a new division led by TV production veteran Dave Cooper to deliver top-tier audio and video content at an unprecedented pace.

AV Room combines Be Broadcast’s brand power, extensive experience, and sharp insights, with a transparent pricing structure, to meet and exceed client expectations.

The new division combines the broadcast specialist’s formidable brand power, extensive experience, and sharp insights to quickly craft unparalleled content, helping content keep time with TV.

AV Room chief Cooper is a veteran in the realm of hands-on TV production with a rich history spanning three decades for organisations including the BBC, ITV and Sky.

The first of several planned innovations, AV Room is in keeping with Be Broadcast’s transparent pricing structure, with most of its charges plainly displayed on its website, unusually for the sector.

Recently, the agency revealed that 86% of enquiries to the organisation focussed on the output rather than the cost.

As a result, AV Room provides clients with a clear and concise baseline, “expertly guided by the team to meet and exceed expectations.”

Cooper said, “Having worked with organisations such as BBC, Sky, and ITV, and for clients like Manchester United, the NHS, and IMG, I’ve witnessed the industry’s evolution and the escalating demand for top-tier audio and video content… and that too, at a rapid pace in keeping with news or increasingly social trends.

“Our transparent model allows us to channel our energies into producing stellar content, perfectly aligning with the way I see content creation. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where everyone with a smartphone is a reporter, our focus is on timely delivery of premium content that makes a statement. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible output, free from the hassles of negotiations.”

Josh Wheeler, founder of Be Broadcast, added: “AV Room is a natural progression for us, especially in an era where brands are increasingly opting for multi-platform PR campaigns. Our extensive R&D with clients has shown genuine results, with typical campaigns witnessing an average uptick in coverage delivery of around 37% when compared to those that don’t.

“And it makes sense – when you have a live moment, why wouldn’t you maximise its potential, sweat every asset across social media, online platforms, through to radio and TV news bulletins with rich, emotive content that resonates with viewers? AV Room, bringing all these elements together under one roof. Plus, Dave and I have a laugh doing it.”

Chris Hall from ITV News, said: “When we need a guarantee of quality footage, Dave is our go-to person. His meticulous research, adherence to the brief, and creative flair result in footage that is nothing short of spectacular. He’s also a master of conducting well-lit interviews. Plus, he’s an absolute pleasure to work with.”

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