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Trinity Leeds to be showcased as an ‘exemplar’ of retailing customer experience

TrinityLeedsThe fruits of the ‘omni’ channel investment that Land Securities invested in its Trinity Leeds retail development, which opened for business in March this year, is to be showcased at the leading European trade show show MAPIC in November.

The organisers of the annual show which is held in Cannes, said that this year they were trying to highlight the subtle shift in the overall retailing experience.

Nathalie Depetro, a director of MAPIC said: “Multi-channel is now giving way to the new era of omni-channel.

“Industry professionals have realised that they must not think in terms of separate retailing channels. To remain competitive, they are now promoting synergies between bricks and mortar outlets and e-commerce. This convergence of ‘on-line’ and ‘off-line’ is a powerful way to involve customers more fully into the brand universe and offer them new consumer experiences.”

To help demonstrate this changing  retail environment, MIPAC has chosen Trinity Leeds as a key case study examining the convergence of real and virtual as brands and shopping centres now install interactive media directly in the structure and development of their outlets.

Shoppers are now increasingly aware of the huge variety of media around them as they shop, from  more touch screens, to digital store fronts, QR codes, digital animation and digital information points.

Trinity Leeds, which has attracted over four million visitors since March, which is equipped with a large array of the above developments, has also installed a substantial Wi-Fi network in the centre as Land Securities’ objective is to enhance the ‘customer experience’ by focussing on communication as well as its core retail offer.

Land Securities enlisted the support of VCCP, Havas Media and Mischief PR to support the 1 million sq ft retail centre’s launch.

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