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TOMORO launches customer-centric platform for Hug Boilers

Hug Boilers

Leeds Brand Growth Agency TOMORO has launched a new customer-centric platform for Yorkshire’s Hug Boilers, along with an SEO strategy, paid media and social media campaign.

The new platform allows users to take complete control of purchase and installation while being guided in three simple steps to the perfect boiler – taking the hassle, and panic, out of what is frequently a panic buy.

The new platform has been developed to simplify the boiler-buying process for Hug’s customers, removing a process which could take weeks and reducing it to 24 hours.

The timing of the new platform couldn’t be better, with many looking for ways to save on their bills amidst the current energy price crisis. A new A+ rated boiler could save customers up to £550 a year, making it a shrewd investment in the current climate.

TOMORO’s Philip Crampton said “The UX and UI design coupled with rationalising the micro-conversions in the traditional user journey were key to us delivering such a seamless user experience. Deploying an SEO strategy right at the beginning of this project means the brand is set-up for long term success without relying on paid media which is common in the industry.”

TOMORO is based in Leeds City Centre, with a second office in Liverpool and a London office coming soon. It is currently on a hiring drive across all departments to service its growing client list.



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