Code Computerlove joins with BBC for film about tech culture

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Manchester digital agency Code Computerlove has joined forces with the BBC’s Salford-based user experience and design team to create a short film about how tech giants are creating vibrant studio cultures to help to get the best out of their designers.

The 14-minute film was a collaboration between the BBC’s Andrew Nott and Code Computerlove - a design roster partner to the BBC. It goes behind the scenes at companies including Google.

Tom Bradley, Design Director at Code Computerlove, said: “One of the major challenges in modern tech-led businesses (most big organisations in today’s world!) is how to manage large, diverse groups of designers working in multi-disciplinary product teams, often spread across different locations.

“But, as some of the world’s most successful tech businesses have proved, creating a positive studio culture with the right approaches, processes and tools can deliver huge rewards, both in terms of the quality of work, end user experiences and stimulating team morale.


“Engendering a prolific studio culture is a goal shared by the BBC – with its 200-strong multi-disciplinary team working together to design the BBC’s digital experiences – to digital agencies like us, with the same product-mindset and human-centred approach.

“When I moved from the BBC to work at Code I quickly realised that the challenges for creative leadership were more the same than different.  Our team of designers were still distributed around the business into multi-disciplinary teams - with very different clients - so the value of working together as a discipline could be difficult to justify. 

“I'd learned lots of methods for building effective teams at the BBC, but I always wondered if other organisations had tried things that we hadn't thought of.  So, together with Andrew Nott, we decided to find out.

“Our video sets out to explain why building and maintaining a culture is important to the design leaders and creatives we interviewed; what they’ve tried over time, what’s worked, and what they’ve learned. We hope by creating this short doc, organisations of all sizes find something of use to take from it.

“It’s certainly a must see for designers entering the industry, to understand better the realities of being a designer in a tech-led business and how product teams work.”