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TBWAMCR goes early with 2023 Christmas campaign


TBWAMCR is releasing, what it believes, could be the earliest Christmas ad ever. It’s for 2023.

Clearly feeling that the January launch for Park Christmas Savings’ 2022 campaign was too late, this time it’s hitting the December market.

The ad intends to show the benefits of being an “early bird” when it comes to festival planning. As demonstrated by its care-free dancing turkey.

“We understand the pressures on families to make Christmas special – and the growing financial pressures that 2023 will bring,” explained Katherine Scott, Director of Marketing at Park Christmas Savings’ parent company, Appreciate Group.

“Encouraging people to be ‘Early Birds’ is not a new message for Park Christmas Savings because we’ve been helping customers plan for Christmas for over 50 years, but it is an increasingly critical message for 2023.

“Ultimately, Christmas is all about fun and we wanted to keep the fun part with our main character Mr Earl E. Bird who adds humour alongside the more serious message about being an ‘Early Bird’ to get sorted for 2023. TBWA have delivered that with the fantastic dancing turkey concept, which is bound to hit the spot with existing customers as much as our new ones joining us for 2023 and new Park customers.”

The turkey was brought to life by TBWAMCR’s in-house production studio, Sting Films.

“Like most people we love a Christmas ad but being ‘The Disruption Company’, we wanted to make sure we delivered something different for Park Christmas Savings. Enter the ‘early bird’. A dancing roasted Turkey celebrating the fact that Park Christmas Savings can help people save for a great festive season…just in 2023,” said Gary Fawcett, ECD at TBWAMCR.

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