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Sunday Sport to launch a ‘gadget’ section


Sunday SportThe Sunday Sport is launching a new consumer technology and gadget section entitled ‘John Fitzpatrick – Gadget Man’ at the end of this month.

The section will be edited and managed by one of the paper’s dozen plus full time journalists: the eponymous John Fitzpatrick.

The Manchester-based David Sullivan-owned title still enjoys its largest circulation on a Sunday with the latest sales figures hovering between 70,000 to 80,000.

The two other days of publishing are Wednesday and Friday.

The new section is part of the paper’s plans to evolve the brand said Fitzpatrick and engage with readers on a more dynamic basis and he added that the new section should complement their readers’ interests nicely.

Fitzpatrick will be reviewing and publicising all manner of gadgets, technology and  games consoles  and the paper is also looking to introduce weekly competitions around the section once it’s bedded in.

The Sport is talking with potential sponsors about offering prizes for readers and there are also plans to introduce a complementary marketplace around the section with relevant goods up to £25 on offer.


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