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Leeds design agency Studio.Build has teamed up with a furniture-maker (Plaey Workshop), designer (James Ockelford/Refold) and brewery (North Brewing Co.) to launch an ‘experiential beer’.

The new beer is called Ute, which is taken from the Norwegian phrase ‘Utepils’, which means to enjoy a beer outdoors.

The packaging was designed by Studio.Build and is based around the idea of sunlight peeking through leaves in the forests through a series of four can designs.

The design agency also designed a series of promotional posters using photographs by Joanne Crawford. Each image is based on a different location in West Yorkshire, with each individual place meaning something to each collaborator.

Michael C Place, creative director and founder of Studio.Build, said: “We all worked very closely together to create a project that championed creative collaboration between local designers- it’s something we don’t see a lot of, so it was important that this project showcased how good a true collaboration can be.

“It was also a celebration of the North – specifically Leeds and the immediate surrounding areas.”

The photographs are also included on an accompanying 7” record commissioned by James Ockelford at Refold, which will be released at the launch.

Alongside the 7” record, a 14-track compilation tape will be released which includes all tracks contributed to the project by different musicians.

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