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Stirring rendition as National Anthem gets tea-mix from PG Tips and Smoking Gun


PG Tips is marking the Coronation with a new tea-based version of the National Anthem.

Working with Smoking Gun, the new track has been created entirely with the sounds of making a cuppa.

Award-winning music producer, Tarek Musa, was tasked with brewing up.

“You can find inspiration in the most everyday of sounds so when PG Tips approached me for this new take on God Save the King, I jumped at the chance,” he said.

“It was a fun challenge, to rethink the sounds of making a cuppa in a musical way. I found myself obsessing over the whistling of the kettle, recording it and pitching it to match the notes in the melody of God Save the King. Once the main melody was in place, it was important to represent the triumphant crescendos in the music, using a climax of boiling kettles, tinkling of spoons, sounds of water pouring into the mug and the splash of the milk. Experimenting with how we capture and use audio has always excited me, and working with PG Tips on this was an absolute pleasure. Of course, the refreshing taste of PG Tips sustained me throughout the making of the track.”

PG Tips is sponsoring the Coronation Big Lunch from 6th – 8th May.

“Tea will be refreshing the whole nation during the long Coronation weekend and we wanted to create something memorable to celebrate that,” added Giulia Arena from PG Tips.

“PG Tips is the trusted heart of British tea with millions of people enjoying a refreshing cup of smooth, full-bodied and delicious tea every day.  What could be more fitting than to use sounds of the ritual of making a cup of PG Tips to make a music track for such a monumental occasion?”

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